wtorek, 24 maja 2011

MCC - MineCraft Cheat Client Updated 5/15/2011

The MineCraft cheat client or Mcc is the best easy to use AIO tool for minecraft hacks and multiplayer hacking. 

Updated on 5/15/201
It brings the best of hacking into one easy tool. 

- Toggle Options
- Invincibility Toggle
- Unlimited Oxygen Toggle
- Fire Proof
- Fly Mode Toggle
- Hover Mode

- Spawn Invincible Items Toggle
- Spawn Unlimited stacks of items or X amount
- Spawn Y items
- Spawn a set of tools -wood though diamond-
- Spawn a armor set -wood through diamond-

- Delete Y item
- Delete all items


Well those are the features, I can honesty say this is the best minecraft hacks program I have used so far. Inside the zip file is a .jar file so it is impossible to infect. Simply download and run it like you would the normal Minecraft client.

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